Are you planning an event? Do you have a great concept but need an established company to help you execute it? Are you looking to incorporate media and social networking into your event? Do you want to work with talented event specialists?

If the answer to these questions is yes, Trendz Productions maybe the event partner you are looking for. We employ experts in the field of event management and design. We have created experiences for recognised international brands, planning and executing every aspect of the event process and providing a range of end-to-end solutions that include:

  • Animation and graphic design
  • Document management and sharing
  • Premiums & gifts
  • Production and staging
  • Web solutions

Our team specialise in creating memorable events that reflect the individual or culture of our clients. We are passionate about providing a premium service. Partnering with Trendz Productions on your next event means you only need work with one vendor from start to finish. We read and write the small print so you don’t have to. We conduct site visits and conduct operational analysis to ensure everything is in order and the facilities satisfy the requirements of your event.

Company Overview 

Trendz Productions‘ success is driven by the resourcefulness and commitment of a dedicated group of individuals and valued customers.

We provide guidance and access to the best venues, facilities and services for all your special events. From executive conferences, board meetings and conventions, to creative incentive programs, group functions, weddings and product launches. Our team can assist you with all phases of planning and execution, down to the last detail. Whatever the occasion, Trendz Productions guarantees to deliver meticulous service, attention to detail and expert support, making every event that much more memorable.

Our Mission
To help our clients realise their objectives through creative collaboration and unwavering attention to detail.

Our Philosophy
Focus on the requirements and goals of our clients and be guided by a simple set of principles:

  • Employ the best talent.
  • Practice a transparent business model.
  • Keep clients informed and clarify all aspects of association before asking them to make a commitment.
  • Meet or exceed client expectations.
  • Collaborate with clients at all levels of the project and provide real-time status updates to support fast and smart decision making.
  • Honesty and quality is the foundation of our practice.
  • The possibilities are limitless.

Community Guidelines:

We encourage open, lively conversation with a few simple rules:

– We reserve the right to address factual errors.
– We will reply to comments when appropriate.
– If we disagree with other opinions, we do so respectfully.
– Please do not post spam or post anything that is abusive, profane or defamatory.
– Please post in English.
– We reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion.

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