A World of Flavour Combinations

What is Foodpairing?

Foodpairing is a source of inspiration for chefs, bartenders and industry professionals who need to create combinations of ingredients for dishes or drinks. Foodpairing is not based on intuition or existing recipes, but on science, providing an objective overview of possible pairings.

Foodpairing is based on scientific flavor analysis and the principle that foods can be combined when they share major flavor components. These components are displayed in easily understandable, structured visualizations called Foodpairing trees.

What is a Foodpairing tree?

A Foodpairing tree gives you in one overview all the possible flavour combinations you can make. Ingredients are clustered in categories. Each branch is a category like dairy, meat, herbs and spices. Click on a category and it unfolds to reveal different subcategories.

In a Foodpairing tree, your selected food is positioned in the centre and around it are those with which it can be combined. The closer an item is to the centre, the better the pairing.

Why use the Foodpairing app?

If you’re passionate about food and want to make new combinations, this website will fire up your creativity. Foodpairing is simply a great way to explore new flavour and food combinations.

Source: foodpairing.com


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