Experian 2012 Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend Report

Experian Marketing Services’ annual report provides a rounded perspective of the digital landscape and how brands can influence meaningful connections with customers. The report contains trend information, predictive benchmark data and insight necessary for business leaders to maximize digital marketing opportunities and ROI. Download the 2012 Benchmark and Trend Report here and find valuable insight such as:

  • 91% of today’s online adults use social media regularly.
  • Revenue per email averages 2x higher for ‘Friends and Family’ campaigns.
  • 28% of smartphone owners watch video on their phone in a typical month.
  • Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter.

While new technologies come and go, the one thing that doesn’t change in the world of marketing is that the customer should always be central to your mission. Building a successful marketing framework, revolves around four key steps:

  1. Listen – By utilizing both internal data as well as third party data sources, there is a plethora of information available to help understand specific, evolving customer preferences.
  2. Analyze – With the customer-centric vision in mind, segment your base to understand how channel preferences differ by individual.
  3. Plan – Use this understanding along with marketing best practices to build coordinated campaigns and strategy.
  4. Speak – Interact with your customer by customizing your strategy specifically to channel preferences, leveraging state-of-the-art tools to provide a seamless cross-channel experience.

It’s easy to obsess over the latest social media craze or technology, but in doing so it also becomes easy to lose site of the end-goal: making a lasting, meaningful connection with customers.

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