Twitter Confidential

With Twitter’s imminent launch of enhanced profile pages, advertisers might be wondering how to take advantage of the new tools. A Twitter document featuring step by step instructions for advertisers who want to enhance their tweets and utilize the new environment was leaked to Business Insider recently. It describes product specs, background designs, geographic targeting, and a promoted tweets tool that responds to whether a tweet is resonating with other users, among other features of the new platform.

Apparently enhanced profile pages come at a price: You can only get an Enhanced Profile Page if you are verified. You can only get verified (easily) if you spend money advertising with Twitter (to the tune of as much as $15,000).

There’s one caveat: The date on the document is from December, and it appears to be instructions for the small number of pilot brands, such as Coca-Cola, who were selected for a test-launch of the enhanced profile page product last year. Nonetheless, its interesting to take a look at the nuts-and-bolts of what advertisers go through in dealing with Twitter.

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