Using Keywords with Facebook

Looking up companies on social networks is common practice.  Consumers have discovered that they can use social networks to find a company that deals with the product or service they need. Social media search is slowly evolving into a service.

How can you get to the top of a social media search page?

Smart keyword choices and placement gives you a better chance of moving up the social media search page. The keywords you use will be different across varying social media accounts. That is, it’s not a “one keyword fits all” solution.

  • Lay Terms: A common word that someone would use to describe your company. If someone couldn’t remember your name/brand, what would they type in the search bar of a social media site?
  • Desired Association: Consider choosing a keyword that you want to be associated with. If you want to show up when the words ‘live music’ are typed into the search bar, make that one of your keywords.
  • Competition Check: Competition isn’t a big issue when it comes to nabbing the number one spot of a social media search query, but it’s still something to consider. Once you think you have a good keyword, type it into the search bar and see what comes up. If there are a lot of very relevant companies, you may want to try a more specific keyword.
  • Search Engine Optimization: If you have already performed SEO keyword research, it would be wise to revisit your findings and use some of those same keywords.
  • Prepare for Different Social Media Sites: For example, if you’re a record company, use keywords related to live performances and new releases that will be useful on your page.

Once you have found a keyword that’s right for you, it’s time to start optimizing.

Photo Captions

The goal is to use keywords on your social media site whenever possible. One of the first things you can do is use these keywords to describe your company’s photos. Most companies have several photos on their social accounts, but few may put thought into the captions. It requires some creativity on your part, but the more you can incorporate your keywords the better.

Links and Tags

If you are ever going to update a status on your account, use your keywords as much as possible. Although this may be difficult when linking back to another webpage, it’s entirely possible to add it into a status description or use as a hash tag. All of the major social networks have a place for a small blurb about the person or company. For example, the company Higher Visibility may want people to find their company when they type the word “internet marketing agency” into the search box. By placing it in the headline, they’re optimizing their page for that keyword.


Headlines are on-page drivers for search engine optimization, so you can bet that search engines will be indexing important headline content often. In addition, Facebook is a trusted domain, so it tends to rank highly in search engine results. This is almost always true when it comes to an individual, but it’s something for companies to consider. Ranking on major search engines is important, so it’s a good idea to give your social media accounts the extra push by using target keywords.

About Section

Use your keyword in the about section on your Facebook page. Really lay on the keyword usage thick. You don’t want your summary sections to sound strange or unnatural, but if you have an opportunity to use your keyword, go for it.

What This Means for Your Business

Getting to the top of a search page on a social network is considerably easier than trying to get to the top of Google. People search for things on social networks all the time, but the idea of optimizing an account to reach the top of the search results is still relatively new. Take advantage of this now.  Optimizing your social media accounts now is a great way to keep ahead of the competition.

Source: Allfacebook


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