Pow! Target your Marketing like the Pros

If author Seth Godin is right, “all marketers are story-tellers,” then maybe you can learn more from the comics than you thought. According to a press release, Marvel is planning the following campaign to promote what it’s calling “the biggest super hero war of all time”:

This pull-out-all-the-stops marketing is well targeted to excite the fan base and maximize participation by the distribution channel (the comics retailers). Coolest of all, Marvel’s marketers are asking their distributors – who also sell competing titles – to become even more involved. To receive the free merchandise stores are asked to take sides, declaring their support for either the Avengers or the X-Men. Retailers receive the promotional material for decorating their store based on the team they choose.

What aspects of Marvel’s marketing push might your company consider for their event?

* A special promotional “event” that highlights the best features of your family of products;

* A blockbuster one-day launch;

* Eye-catching promotional materials that appeal to your customers;

* Product samples and previews to selected audiences;

* Encourage distributors to side with your products: how can you include them in your launch and related events? How can your promotion help them develop tighter relationships with their customers?

* Build promotions that attract media coverage into your event. If possible, share the limelight;

More and more, sales are kick started with special events. How can your company accelerate business as usual?


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