Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides

If you think you’re the master of the PowerPoint presentation, you may want to think again. Tokyo-based architects, Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein, have turned the PowerPoint presentation into both art form and competitive sport. Their innovation, dubbed pecha-kucha (Japanese for “chatter”), applies a simple set of rules to presentations: 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. That’s it. Say what you need to say in six minutes and 40 seconds of exquisitely matched words and images and you’re done. The result, in the hands of masters of the form, transforms corporate cliché into surprisingly compelling beat-the-clock performance art.

The duo invented pecha-kucha four years ago to help revive a struggling performance space they owned. The first presentations were such a hit that they began hosting monthly pecha-kucha events, boozy affairs at which fellow Tokyo architects and designers showcased their streamlined offerings to audiences of hundreds.

So next time you find yourself working on that important PowerPoint presentation, consider the Pecha-Kucha format.

Source: wired


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